Tuesday, August 27, 2013

august 30th

this friday night chilis restaurant is holding a give back night for korbyn. mention korbyns cause, at the west valley, west jordan, orem, or centerville location, and 15% of your purchase goes to korbyn for help with his medical bills. please help us spread the word, and get people out, lets show korbyn that he doesn't fight alone.

Friday, August 16, 2013

korbyn only had 2 pushes of chemo today as his good guy counts are tanking. he will have 2 blood draws over the next couple of weeks, before we start super intense therapy options. as they anticipate he will need a transfusion before then.
he was playing with color, cornstarch, and water at clinic today. he had so much fun. and that's super easy to clean up.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

korbyn endured 3 more pushes of chemo yesterday, and this is taking its toll on his little body. 8 pushes in a weeks time, is so much for one child to endure. His counts remain borderline so we are on orders to not be more than hour away from the hospital, as they expect a drop any day now.
he has been asleep since leaving the hospital yesterday, and during the few minutes he's awake, he is ill.
he is strong, and he will prevail, and he will show those bad ninjas that he is their master.

Monday, August 5, 2013

update, for our followers, friends, family, new friends, new family.
korbyn will be getting an ekg, a red blood transfusion, as they will be doing the peg push tomorrow. this weekend with 4 pushes of chemo (3 different types, iv, and spinal) and starting the steroid pulse, had knocked the ninja fighter down.
He stopped napping at 10 months old, and these past 4.5 months have more than made up for lost nap time. his awake hours some days mimic that of little babies.
steroids have kicked up his appetite, which is awesome, as this little guy has gone down to 24 lbs. this last 3 months. friday they ran his weight and height on the percentile ratio, for age. he is not on the chart for weight ( below 0% percentile) & in the 11% for height.
we will avoid an ng tube for now if he can atleast keep drinking to stay hydrated. and flush his kidneys accordingly. we are 3 days into our 56 days of intensified chemo regimen, and best case 109 days away from starting maintenance.

long update, but that's where we are at. we have 3 years, and 109 days best case left in this fight to the finish line. the finish line is just shy of his 7th birthday.. he is 3 now. how's that for reality check of this long hard fight.
God bless you all, and thank you for your love and prayers, as we push along.

Saturday, August 3, 2013


yesterday we had out first super intense chemo session. its rough this road. I am not gonna lie.
korbyn had spent 4 hours awake today. total.. its hard business fighting bad ninjas. we are back up to primary childrens tuesday for an echo, and possible transfusion, and they will do the super potent push.
then again friday for more heavy hitter chemo.
totally 8 rounds 1 week.
yeah holy crap is the phrase you are looking for.

but on to this..
this evening, I want to open up to you, maybe cause tears.
the world of childhood cancer is already a hard road, first and foremost to the fighters. secondly their family, extended and immediate. it hurts the family close by, seeing this, and the family further away, who want so badly to be near, and there for you.
it hurts the true friends, who see you, and your heart and pain, through your words. These kids, families and friends are hurting enough, they don't need anymore pain.
to those of you who lift us, in our times of trouble, we lean on you because we don't know sometimes what else to do. sometimes honestly we just need you to be that one friend, confidant, shoulder for tears. that one glimpse of sunlight through the storm, that hand to hold, as we look trying to find the right.

on a happy note. korbyn was nominated as a hero on

it is for a hero package for him to have while at the hospital. if you could somehow help us, purchase a trinket or something, or get the word out, that's awesome.
there is a cars racing game, that I can't get on my kindle for him, as it is an apple app. the IPAD had that game. he loves it if we have a child life volunteer with an ipad so he can play.
I know he would be able to stand more treatment, if I could have that for him. I tried the kindle doesn't have the one like apple products, and I know he would love it.

love michelle. thank you for loving us through this.