Friday, November 8, 2013

Hockey game

So tonight we went to the grizzlies game, with the leukemia and lymphoma society. Awesome story, when we got there, and were finding our seats, a really nice lady, who works for the administration office, offered us upgraded front row, right behind the glass to the left of goal seats. So so sweet of her. The kids got bear claws, and hockey pucks. And really (maybe too much) enjoyed the face smashing glass action.
Fun night.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Wow I am really bad at updating, korbyn is 3 weeks away from final maintenance, which will be only every 4 weeks iv chemo, and prescription chemo at home. This little guy shows me daily what bravery is. I have seen him look cancer in the eye, and stand his ground.
Right now the only real concern is the " manorexia" he is getting so skinny. I don't think the Dr appreciates my sense of humor, when she said he has chemo induced anorexia, I joked that with the barfing, I think its more a bulimia thing. She didn't find it funny.

I never knew that a small child could show me so much about life. But korbyn shows me all the time what's important in life.
I don't know why this trial was chosen for us, but I do know we will not back down. We will fight to the finish line. Finish line is 3 years 3 weeks away. Korbyn should be done with treatment just shy of his 7 th birthday. I'm thinking January of 2017 to celebrate, maybe a nice cruise or something.