Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Wow I am really bad at updating, korbyn is 3 weeks away from final maintenance, which will be only every 4 weeks iv chemo, and prescription chemo at home. This little guy shows me daily what bravery is. I have seen him look cancer in the eye, and stand his ground.
Right now the only real concern is the " manorexia" he is getting so skinny. I don't think the Dr appreciates my sense of humor, when she said he has chemo induced anorexia, I joked that with the barfing, I think its more a bulimia thing. She didn't find it funny.

I never knew that a small child could show me so much about life. But korbyn shows me all the time what's important in life.
I don't know why this trial was chosen for us, but I do know we will not back down. We will fight to the finish line. Finish line is 3 years 3 weeks away. Korbyn should be done with treatment just shy of his 7 th birthday. I'm thinking January of 2017 to celebrate, maybe a nice cruise or something.

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