Thursday, December 5, 2013

Life as I used to know it.

I used to think I had life figured out, I knew what I wanted, and I was working towards that. It's funny 8 and a half months into this leukemia fight, being the right hand man for my wonderful son, has changed me. I get really frustrated seeing others and their reaction to my mask wearing, bald headed super hero, and I get concerned seeing their reactions as well. I want to sit with all of them, and clue them in, on the realities of life, I have come to know.
Don't "feel bad" for my son, instead look at his courage, and his strength, as he stares cancer in the face, and says, "not this time". For his strength is what keeps me going.
I used to strive to give my children all of the perks of life, nice clothes, new toys. Those perks have been a distant memory as it becomes a fight to sometimes put food on the table. I am a very proud woman, and it takes a lot out of me to willingly accept the helping hands of others. I get upset when others don't allow me to help them, yet sometimes myself won't admit I need the kindness, and generosity of friends, family, and strangers.

As we embark on this holiday season, knowing there is no room in our very tight budget, I thank those of you, for adopting my children in your hearts, and thinking of them. As a mother this is one of the most painful things putting pride to the side, and admitting, if it wasn't for the kindness in the hearts of others, we wouldn't even have a tree this year.
I am in no way asking for a handout, I am simply saying thank you. And as you go about your holiday plans, with the hustle and bustle, be safe, and know in your hearts, there is someone out there, who may not say it personally, but is indeed very grateful that you were there, when it seemed no one was, and that is truly what this time of year is about.
May God bless and keep you.

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  1. Never forget that you are loved very much. It fills ne with joy and honour to help you and your family and send you little pieces of joy